If you are the owner a property in Spain you are required to file annual tax returns of your property, possibly with addition of income you receive in Spain.

The annual taxes that you will face as a homeowner:

  • Local taxes for garbage collection, sewage, etc. (Tasas)
  • Real Estate tax (IBI Tax on real estate)

When you are the owner of a property in Spain you are obliged to appoint a tax representative who handles the tax returns for you. This fiscal representative is also the contact for the tax authorities.


  1. Care tax residence (s)
  2. Inquire about the tax issues regarding your property
  3. Receive and process the correspondence to your targeted tax
  4. Checking and paying municipal local taxes
  5. Acting as your tax representative

The price for these services is 195,- Euro / year (excluding VAT/IVA).

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