Being a good host requires many efforts: Housing conditioning, cleanliness, and a good communication with guests. But the exchange of keys with them can also be very difficult, because we must find a way to adapt perfectly to their schedules, a task that isn’t easy considering our pace of life and obligations.

Remember that they probably do not know our city and certain questions may arise, like for example:  What happens when we must wait more than two hours for the guests because they have been lost? And if their flight is delayed and we should go to work?

Unfortunately, there are many variables that can complicate our plans, turning the exchange of keys into a real headache.

We offer you some options to make this step as simple as possible:


One of the most technological options is to install a “Lock Box” in your apartment, which allows access to the keys through a simple code that the GUESTS will have to dial. This is one of the simplest ways to exchange keys for a holiday apartment and it’s very useful to prevent guests from losing the keys, since they deposit them in the box each time they leave the house. However, this option can have a negative impact on your guests, since it lacks the quality and proximity of the human factor.


If you want to avoid problems and forget about the stress of having to exchange keys with your guests, the best option is to have a professional apartment management service that can provide your guests (and you) with quality and tranquility. We offer this service throughout the Costa Blanca, being we personally in charge of staying with your guests and giving them the keys in hand. We also take care of the Check Out, staying with them at the end of their stay and picking up the keys to your home, checking at the same time that everything is in perfect condition.

We also have multiple services that, like this one, have been created so that you get the maximum benefit from your home, putting aside all the worries.

For us, the well-being of your guests  and yours is the main thing.